The Breeding Center regularly produces food and resources, which players need to collect into their backpacks in a timely manner, otherwise the resources will spoil. The center can also be upgraded to enhance production efficiency and storage capacity

This is the entrance layer of the Lava Demon Realm, where the central building is the Governor's Palace, a solemn palace with an Honor Display Center. Here, players can view and showcase their honors and decorations.

This level is not only a social hub for player interaction but also a place for them to display their achievements.

After in-depth exploration by many adventurers, they discovered that except for demons, everything here is full of extreme danger. Countless explorers paid the price with their lives, but ultimately found that this area had no value worth exploring.

The only thing worth mentioning is that an ore called magic stone is produced here. This ore can be extracted into magic-rich demon crystals, which can be cut as they store energy.

However, the demons are not interested in this kind of ore. They are more interested in the value of the gremlins, because the gremlins have certain use value for them in certain situations-in bloody battles, the gremlins are perfect cannon fodder.

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Financial endorsement perfected
Asset safety reliable
Game rules fixed
Cross-border operations flexible

In our gaming ecosystem, players will be introduced to a vast virtual world that incorporates rich backstories, diverse character settings, and engaging missions and challenges. The gameplay is designed to encourage player participation and contribution through a series of interactive activities, such as exploring unknown areas, forging unique equipment, participating in fierce battles, etc.

Low transaction fees

Solana offers extremely low transaction fees, which makes even small transactions economically feasible, greatly enhancing the accessibility and participation of the game.

Technology Architecture

The choice of Solana as the foundation platform for our gaming ecosystem was based on its significant advantages in blockchain technology

The multi-dimensional economic token circulation model is built on the basis of ensuring the stability and growth of token value, encouraging players to earn tokens through game activities and circulate them inside and outside the game.

Magic Crystal

Magic Essence

Liam Rousseau Lee

Liam Rousseau Lee

Isabella Cortez

MDEM community operations consultant


MDEM Community Financial Advisor

Julian St. Clair Taylor

MDEM Community Financial Advisor

Elena Fitzgerald Marquez

MDEM system development designer

Combined with the overall planning of the development phase and operational activities, the following is a detailed project timeline, describing the detailed steps from basic material preparation and social media setup to project warm-up and media cooperation, to large-scale exposure and community interaction. This will ensure appropriate market support and community involvement at every stage of development.

Basic information preparation and social media establishment (months 1-6)
  • Months 1-3: Game concept and prototyping

    Content Marketing: Share detailed descriptions of game concepts and design concepts through blogs and social media platforms. Community interaction: organize online seminars and Q&A sessions to enhance interaction between community members and developers. Multilingual document preparation: Prepare and translate white papers and business plans to ensure coverage of key target markets.

  • Months 3-6: Social media platform construction and content strategy implementation

    Social media platform establishment: Establish official accounts on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. Data monitoring and adjustment: Set and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), and adjust content strategies based on data feedback.

Project warm-up and media cooperation (months 6-9)
  • Months 6-9: Alpha development stage and market warm-up

    Early Access and Testing: Community members are invited to participate in testing the Alpha version of the game to collect feedback and make necessary optimizations. Incentivize test participation: Provide token rewards to test participants to encourage active participation of community members. Media cooperation and pre-heating activities: Cooperate with game media and influencers to expand the exposure of the project through online AMA, Twitter Space and Tencent conferences.

Large-Scale Exposure and Community Interaction (Months 9-12)
  • Months 9-12: Beta development and full release

    Pre-heating marketing and strategic cooperation: Produce trailers, game screenshots and trial videos, and conduct strategic cooperation with game media to enhance the interest of potential users. Global launch events: Organize global online and offline game launch events, invite KOLs and industry leaders to participate, and use various promotional materials for extensive publicity. Promotion and community activities: Implement various promotion activities, such as limited-time discounts, special coin gifts, and organize airdrop activities to increase community activity and participation. Cross-stage staking and airdrop strategy Staking Rewards Program: Offers additional staking rewards during Alpha and Beta phases, rewarding long-term backers and syncing with important milestones in game development. Key Milestone Airdrops: Organize airdrop events during Alpha testing and official launch to increase community participation and interest.

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